BE IN THE MOMENTBelly Dance Is Definitely Designed To Accommodate Women And Girls Of All Body Types, Ages And Religions. The Dance Will Help You Accept Yourself For Whom And What U Are Even If Your Husband Left You For Barbie Or If You Gained 20Kg In The Last 10 Years.

Belly Dance Is A Freedom Of Expression And The Celebration Of Womanhood. It Frees Your Spirit And Helps You Remember To Embrace Your Individuality And Cherish It.

This Form Of Dance Is Relaxing, Burns Fat, Tones All Major Muscle Groups And Prepares The Muscle Groups For Pregnant Woman To Assist In The Birthing Process.

It Calms Your Mind And Assist The Focus Required To Learn New Skills. It Restores Your Balance And Is Useful In Cases Of Mild Depression, Anxiety And Pms.

There Are Many Testimonies On The Internet Of Woman That Claims That Belly Dance Helped Them Overcome Many Hardships. Especially Woman Who Lost A Breast Or Breasts Through Cancer Or Woman That Was Abused As Children Or Adults.

Take The Time!  Make The Effort!  Just Do It, It Might Just Change Your Life.



  1. Come To Class With A Positive Attitude
  2. Listen To Advice But Do Not Clone The Teacher. Be The Best That You Can Be. Develop Your Own Style. No Two People Have The Same Ability Or Speed.
  3. The More You Attend Class The Better You Will Become. You Can Overtake Any Natural Dancer By Just Attending More Classes Than Her/Him.
  4. It’S Got Nothing To Do With Natural Born Talent.” Practice Makes Perfect”


  1. Keep Your Knees Soft Even With The Hip-Snap Do Not Lock It Straight.
  2. Always Keep Yre Core Tucked In. (Pull The Abdominal Towards The Ribcage)
  3. When Starting Out With Hip Lift And Drops, Lift Your Leg Up Slightly Until You Get Used To Transferring Your Weight.
  4. Concentrate On Your Feet Sometimes That Could Be The Reason For Not Being Able To Executing The Move.