Marindas Life Journey To Belly Dance

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In 1996, Carla van der Spuy contacted me. She wanted to do an article on my life to inspire other women. I did not know her and had no idea where she heard of me.

I decided to go ahead with it because i wanted other women to realize that that they can overcome loss and betrayal by just canalizing their energy into some art form or hobby. I got permission from my children because their dad would be implicated .I love my in-laws and warned them about the article. Some of the information might be forren to them.

They idealized their brother, but so did I.


The inspirational article in keur magazine


One Year Later:

6 november 2007 seven months after my loving dad passed away my life crossed the road less traveled.

In an instant, I lost my beautiful soft hearted son.

It was “sah” a reblead between the two lobs of his brain a large piece of my heart went into the earth with him the day he was buried, i couldn’t imagine ever being able to process this it is a long, hard never-ending road. I am still sleeping with his clothes under my pillow. One day i might have enough guts to erase his Voice message of his phone and then i might stop calling just to hear his voice once more.
I might then just be able to move on….Just not yet

with a lot of support from the belly dancers, we pulled of a show in honor of my son. Sieggi loved metallic a and i did an isis wing dance on a lovely song written by them. I felt the tears roll down my face and the entire audience and students cried with me. I felt safe and at the same time nurtured by them. I will forever cherish that memory, i felt my sons presence all around me while i danced. I found it sad, enchanting, and soothing at the same time. After both the shows in november 2007 and 2008, i developed photos that had a beautiful rainbow dream catcher ~ like orb with me. Some things are just not explainable.

I still talk to angels every day, they are interactive in my world. That is my way to keep my child close, sieg had an extraordinary relationship with the angels and not every one that really knew him doubted it for one minute.

I believe that every woman on earth can overcome the loss and hardships that life so nonchalant troughs at her. Belly dance did that for me.