Mission to inspire

I was instantaneously drawn to belly dance after i saw my first show about eleven years ago, and immediately started my intensive research through books, the net and dvd’s.

wanted to make sure that this art form was conservative enough for god and liberal enough for me. Mainly to make peace with all my own wobbly bits that has gathered around my waist the last ten years and that got worse after my hysterectomy.

Well, i attended my first class and although i found it more difficult than i did thought i stuck through the first tree months and was amazed at my own flexibility’s. I did my first teachers certificate with katarinas belly dance studio. I felt that it just was not enough and did prop training with various teachers. I also use my latin american, modern and choreography, drama experience to help the dancers with their footwork and “performers shift” I attended every class and workshop since. Still do non-stop workshops with local and international teachers to enhance and perfect the dance to the best of my ability.

Believe i can only be as good as my students and my main mission are to inspire them by using  this amazing art form to overcome the difficulties that life throws at them.

I teach from the heart not only belly dance but most of all to master the tango of life’s hardships. The constant changes we do not always foresee. I have been there and can relate to their emotions.

I met extraordinary woman with vision and creativity. Homemakers and professional woman teenagers and tweens .All of us had something to learn and gain from each other. Mothers learnt more of their daughters fears and insecurities about their budding bodies through and the younger dancers  learnt about our insecurities and fading memories. Somehow, we could help one another understand the evolution of a woman and that made it less scary to face.

I Adopted the dance and all it offers and find it an honor to teach the women at “belly buttons”.Not only to dance but to except what life throws at them.

Today i am using belly dance as a tool to motivate and inspire women of all walks of life.