How do you choose a stagename and why?

Every performer or teacher has a different reason but mostly to protect your privicy, to make it easier for others to remember or pronounce and sometimes because of multiple women in the field that carry the same name.

Marinda Sauerman(Mira) When I chose my stage name, I did it as a shorter version of my name because it was more universal for international relations. I later stumbled apon a story that astrologists named the brightest periodic variable(star) in the sky “mira”(meaning “astonishing” in latin), it is 200 to 400 lightyears away in the constilation “cetus” and over six billion years old. I thought it was a much “cooler” meaning than my original intention for using it and yes I just love anything ancient.

Belly Buttons & Affilliated Teachers/performers

  1. Marinda (Mira)(Teacher Harties) all levels
  2. Christa (Krista)(Teacher Pta North) all levels
  3. Desire (Dezi)(Teacher Pta North) all levels
  4. Patsy (Gordensbay CT) all levels
  5. Lynn Marie (Teacher Oriental Evolution Langebaan CT) all levels
  6. Jackie (Teacher workshop level one)


  1. Chantal (Chante) teacher workshop level one
  2. Michelle (Miche) teacher workshop level one
  3. Jeni teacher workshop level one

We do large shows, baby showers, kitchen tea corporate events, motivational interactive workshops.

Please phone contact marinda for a quotation for your event.